Beth Geek Bait

A home-schooled middle child who played King’s Quest V instead of Spin the Bottle: Sounds like a typical nerd.

Beth Elderkin, io9 weekend editor and staff writer, and producer for Channel Awesome, is a fun, engaging and skilled multimedia journalist who’s proud to be a nerd.

Why? Because nerds are smart and cool. That’s just how they roll.

beth larping picpictured: how she rolls

Beth is a journalist who serves as weekend editor and staff writer for io9, specializing in tabletop RPGs, social issues, and female representation in media. Other bylines include Inverse, Gamesradar+, Upload VR, Daily Dot, UPROXX, Kotaku and other publications.

Beth produces, directs and co-hosts TV review show Shark Jumping on Channel Awesome. The show was picked during a worldwide search with over 1,200 auditions, and was featured on The AV Club for its summer series on failed TV pilots. She also produces two podcasts, one about nerd culture and the other about ABC’s Once Upon a Time. You might recognize her from the Nostalgia Critic’s reviews of Phantom of the Opera, Hocus Pocus and several others.

Previously, Beth hosted Geek Bait, a semi-weekly show on TouchVision where she wasn’t afraid to get right in the action. She spent a weekend LARPing, chatted about MST3k’s legacy and posed with three uncooperative felines for YouTube’s 10-year anniversary of the first cat video.

At her first newspaper job, her Kerrville State Hospital privatization series received six awards, including Honorable Mention for STAR Investigative Report of the Year, and First Place awards for Community Service Journalism with Texas Press Association and Special Coverage with West Texas Press Association.

She was a panelist at the 2014 SXSW Interactive festival, where she talked about Diversity in Gaming. She also spoke at the 2012 TEDxSDSU about using video game leveling as a model for accomplishing life goals.

She’s classically trained as a mezzo-soprano and has played characters ranging from an 18-century male lawyer to RENT’s Maureen. She also loves reading dystopian fiction — particularly novels concerning the rising dependence on technology — but she’d still like to be buried with her iPhone.