“Geek Bait” on TouchVision

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Beth looks at something fun happening in nerd culture. Pieces mix information and comedy, with side sketches, special guests and interviews.

“Shark Jumping” on Channel Awesome

I co-host a video series on Channel Awemome with The Onion writer Tim Sampson looking at when shows and TV movies “jump the shark.” Our review of “Glee” has over 30K views and features popular online personality Nostalgia Critic.

The Kerrville Daily Times

#TeamJohnny Social Media Campaign


Awarded first place in Team Effort journalism at the 2012 Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (April 2013), and also was named TAPME’s STAR Online Package of the Year for newspapers with less than 10,000 circulation.


Touchvision: Doxxing in real life
This news feature looks at how doxxing, or the public release of private information, can change a person’s life forever.

Touchvision: The Real You
This feature told the story of Joanie Rae Wimmer, a transgender woman who transitioned later in life. 

iPad Insight:”Game of Thrones: Ascent” Review

iPad Insight: “The Room” Review

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