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A curvy girl’s guide to confidence
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Daily Dot

Why are almost all active shooters men?
A chat with @TheRealPSL, Twitter’s dark genius of pumpkin spice
Gamergate’s token politician plagiarized a Clickhole article
Why this AmeriCorps volunteer is living off Olive Garden for 7 weeks
Who are the ‘Women Against Feminism’? 

The Daily Times

Kerrville State Hospital Privatization series:

The six-part series received multiple awards, including Honorable Mention for STAR Investigative Report and two 1st Place awards at Texas Press Association and West Texas Press Association.  

Kerrville State Hospital could be privatized
Click here for a PDF version
KSH named in GEO’s bid to privatized
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KSH privatization proposal rejected
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Park redesign could relieve tensions at U.S.-Mexico border
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Review – Lume HD for iPad
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